Nature's Heart | Baudoin & Lange

Nature's Heart | Baudoin & Lange

On 4th July 1855, Walt Whitman wrote the poem ‘Leaves of Grass’. Inspired by his intellectual work, we have created a unique artistic display using fresh Ikebanas and natural leaves. 


Transcending earthly hours, ikebanas are considered the soul of nature in Japanese tradition. It is a practice that encapsulates philosophy, spirituality, and harmony with nature.

At its core, through the arrangement of flowers, branches, and other elements, ikebanas are a contemplative art.

Rooted in principles that create a balance between the materials used, the container, and the space they inhabit. In essence, the beauty of imperfection, asymmetry and simplicity, thoughtfully crafted to evoke tranquillity. 

Our summer collection embraces diverse voices, tones, textures, and identities that make Baudoin & Lange’s world vibrant.  

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Experience the full spectrum of emotions, tell tales of passion and summer dews. Discover the essence of existence and celebrate the beauty of nature’s canvas - Ikebanas, the poets of floral design, inspiring thoughts of awe and reverence. 

In the presence of Ikebanas, I celebrate myself, Walt Whitman.