How To Pronounce Our Brand Name | Baudoin & Lange

How To Pronounce Our Brand Name | Baudoin & Lange

Founded in 2016 in London, Baudoin & Lange maintains a European sensibility and aims at creating shoes that are icons of modern elegance.

We admire elegance in every gesture. Our footwear is handmade, with a bespoke level of craftsmanship, by skilled artisans. Enabling people to live an inspired life and whilst focusing on what they do best.

It all started with the discovery of a craft by Allan Baudoin, who re-imagined the tradition of handmade loafers, and Bo van Langeveld, who had the dream of comforting people’s steps to success. 

Given the French (Baudoin) and Dutch (Lange) origins of our founders, it poses the question of how to pronounce our brand name.

BAUDOIN is the french equivalent of BALDWIN which derives from “bold”whilst LANGE is dutch for “great”.

We settle this in this video, filmed in the comfort of Allan’s London home.

Infused in the traditional codes of the European “Art of living”, we believe in creating a different kind of luxury, one that defines itself by codes of culture and beauty.