Inspiring British Sports | Baudoin & Lange

Inspiring British Sports | Baudoin & Lange

As the summer sun graces the British Isles, there’s an air of excitement with sports enthusiasts and aficionados embracing the spirit of the season. We delve into the captivating world of athletic and stylish summer shoes - a journey to show how British timeless sports became part of many people’s stories.

British sports have long been revered for their rich heritage, encapsulating the spirit of competition and camaraderie, but most important, elegance. From the storied greens of Wimbledon to the hallowed Cricket grounds and Car races in the country, these timeless sporting events have become synonymous with British culture. 

Tennis has conquered us all around the globe. With its regal allure and refined aesthetics, it has always had a profound impact on fashion. Inspired by its origin, our slip-on trainers were designed to connect the tennis British heritage with modern craftsmanship. Its biodegradable rubber soles and unique fit system make these trainers a summer staple for this sports season; a true symbol of sophistication on and off the court.

Whether it is horses or cars, racing is a quintessential British sport where elegance meets adrenaline too. Our Stride loafers with rubber sole in glove suede or deerskin have emerged as the perfect companion for spectators and participants alike. The fusion of the Strides fine materials and craftsmanship allows race attendees to effortlessly navigate grassy fields while maintaining their sartorial poise. 

As the summer breeze carries the echoes of sportsmanship, we want you to enjoy the best you can, comforting your experience with our loafers and mules. So, whether you find yourself cheering on your favourite cricket team, perfecting your serve on the tennis court, or simply enjoying the races in Ascot, we want you to step into summer with unwavering confidence and flair!