Babs Odunlami | Summer Style Guide | Baudoin & Lange

Babs Odunlami | Summer Style Guide | Baudoin & Lange

Babs Odunlami is a London-based Fintech Professional and Writer. An aesthete with an eye for detail, he uses his platform (aTribeCalledStyle) to write about and share his Anglo-African perspective on luxury, menswear and style. 

As the temperature rises and the sun’s embrace becomes irresistible, discover how Babs navigates the warmer season with a discerning eye for men’s style and sophistication. In this blog post, he unveils the secrets of his summer attire, something he describes as a blend of comfort and elegance.

As he delves into the art of mastering timeless luxury in men's summer style, discover how he matches cotton blends and linen pieces, with his favourite Baudoin & Lange loafers and slip-on trainers. In his words, ‘a realm of style that remains impervious to the passage of time’.


Urban style

Here he wears indigo jeans, white linen short sleeve shirt, a khaki chore jacket, and Suede Stride loafers in an earthy tone.

Without seeming overly relaxed or casual, to Babs, one of the best attributes of the Stride loafers is its versatility - the rubber sole lends itself very well to comfort, suggesting you can slip on and off easily. Furthermore, the Stride loafers’; palette of colours works really nicely when dressing up or down to pair with a myriad of outfits.

Getaway relaxation style

One of Babs’ favourite things to do is travel. A terracotta over-shirt, a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and Stride Loafers in Orange Suede with caramel soles are highly recommended for a relaxed road trip or weekend getaway. 

This outfit with its earthy terracotta tones, sparks up nostalgia, akin to the terracotta tiled roofs of Dubrovnik in the Croatian Riviera – A place Babs’ visited recently and is inspired by. He describes ‘it is a nice pop of colour, with a perfect balance of subtlety and elegance’. Altogether, this attire gives him a stylish appeal, exuding vibrancy.

The Suave style

Babs suggests that in summer, only a few cities rival London’s charm, particularly the ambience and hive of activity across London’s South Bank. With a deep love for Art and Design, he frequents the Tate Modern Gallery to admire and draw inspiration from the plethora of art on display.

Wearing an unstructured linen suit, a poplin shirt and Stride loafers in Nuage Suede and Natural Sole, he switches into his ‘art collector mood’. He loves the contrast between the ‘toned back’ appearance of the linen and the pop of colour from the Nuage Stride loafers which is oftentimes a conversation starter.

Effortless workwear

Working within the FinTech industry in the City of London, with a degree of relaxation around the strict rules that demands gentlemen to always wear navy or grey suits with black lace-up shoes, there’s more bandwidth for self-expression, particularly in the summertime.

Wearing this two-piece Japanese style seersucker suit paired with a linen shirt and Baudoin & Lange slip-on Beats in Off-White Calf supple leather he’s able to adhere to the dress code without strict conformance. This outfit seamlessly keeps him in a formal office environment, yet allowing him to express his creativity and individuality, without compromising comfort and elegance.

In simple terms, Babs shared his views on combining textures and achieving a harmonious blend of intricate details and vibrant colours. In a world awash with fleeting trends, for him, timeless style is anchored in simplicity. We hope you enjoyed his minimalist approach to summer dressing, where the charm of a well-fitted white t-shirt, tailored pants and suede loafers takes centre stage. Unearth the power of our stride loafers and slip-on beat palette of colours and elevate your summer style this season.