A Conversation with Carmen | Baudoin & Lange

A Conversation with Carmen | Baudoin & Lange

We at Baudoin & Lange have the pleasure of collaborating with the inimitable Carmen Mundt, a connoisseur of our brand and a style icon in her own right. Introduced to us through shared acquaintances, Carmen's timeless European elegance has effortlessly synced with our brand's vision, creating an unforgettable fusion of style and comfort.

Carmen is more than a client; her absolute commitment to quality and style transcends through every aspect of her life, making her a living embodiment of our brand's ethos. Whether she's attending finance meetings or gracing global social events, Carmen's preference for quiet luxury is evident in her effortless chic look and the pairs of Baudoin & Lange Sagans that invariably find a way into her travel suitcase. Recognized in high-profile events from the Royal Box at Wimbledon to the racing tracks at Silverstone and Monaco, Carmen's influence is far-reaching.

Today, we are thrilled to unveil our two new limited edition loafers, the Monte Carlo Loafer and the Balearic Linen Loafer. Each pair, handcrafted with painstaking attention to detail, carries the elegant essence of Carmen, reflecting her active involvement in the design process.

The Monte Carlo Loafer captures the suave aura of the French Riviera, Carmen's part-time abode. Created through endless interactions between Carmen and our Baudoin & Lange founders, these silk loafers are meticulously handcrafted in soft asteria suede with an exquisitely refined silk apron. They truly embody the spirit of Monte Carlo, transforming every step you take into a stroll on the Riviera promenade. 

The Monte Carlo Loafer

Next, we introduce the Balearic Linen Loafer, an epitome of Mediterranean charm. Inspired by Carmen's sun-soaked summers in the stunning Balearic Islands, these loafers feature pure linen, accented with a unique leather bow detail. Handcrafted with an aim to blend comfort and style, they are the perfect companion as you explore the scenic coastal villages and bask in the golden Mediterranean sunlight. 

The Balearic Linen Loafer

These limited edition loafers have been exclusively designed keeping in mind Carmen's discerning tastes and lifestyle. Crafted with materials chosen for their supreme softness and durability, these loafers offer a comfortable, breathable fit from the moment you put them on. Moreover, they're designed to navigate through the day, from sunrise till sunset, maintaining a perfect balance between an active lifestyle and prioritisation of well-being. Dive into this unique experience of European elegance and quiet luxury with our new arrivals.