Simon Crompton, quintessential Summer wardrobe | Baudoin & Lange

Simon Crompton, quintessential Summer wardrobe | Baudoin & Lange

Simon Crompton, British Journalist and Author of Permanent Style, has long been passionate about Baudoin & Lange’s elegance and unique style. On several occasions, he has joined forces with our Creative Director, Allan Baudoin, to talk about timeless menswear style.

As we embark on a new adventure, Simon has put together a summer wardrobe style to show his favourite outfits for this season, and how these match Baudoin & Lange quintessential loafers. Join us on a journey, as he explores the art of donning these elegant companions during the balmy days of summer. 

Formal (-ish) Summer style 

Simon combines a linen overshirt with a pair of brown tailored trousers and a white knitted t-shirt, together with a pair of Baudoin & Lange Grand Loafers in Black Calf Leather - Because of the tassels, he recommends wearing them with a suit for work, or casually over the weekend!

In the realm of summer hues, he embraces the understated elegance of supple calf leather as a tactile delight.

The Artful Casual

With a rustic linen jacket, blue shirt and quite green trousers, Simon perfectly matches this outfit with Baudoin & Lange Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers in Dark Brown Suede. 

To him these are the most versatile loafers. You can almost wear them with anything. He personally sees the tassels as a great personal detail, instead of going for a stronger suede colour… “think tassel loafers as timeless elegance”.

Simon believes this type of outfit keeps a classic silhouette that effortlessly straddles the line between casual ease and sophistication. 

Timeless Charm

He wears a linen suit and a linen shirt with a pair of Sagan Classic loafers in Tan Suede. This outfit can take you from a casual meeting to a summer wedding, without compromising your style and comfort.

The versatility, the sense of occasion, the inherent ease - “these are the traits that make loafers an indispensable ally during the sunlit months”, he adds. 

As the sun sets on the horizon, let your loafers be a testament to your appreciation for the art of refined living, exuding an elegance that’s as effortless as the season itself.