A Harmonious Fusion of Boldness and Artistry: Unveiling "Debbie," Our First Mid-Heel Boot

A Harmonious Fusion of Boldness and Artistry: Unveiling "Debbie," Our First Mid-Heel Boot

Embrace the Fusion of Artistry and Audacity, Inspired by an Extraordinary Front Woman. In the world of fashion, there are moments when artistry and audacity collide to create something extraordinary. Our latest creation, the "Debbie," is not just a mid-heel boot; it's a visual reinvention inspired by the legendary front woman who redefined the boundaries of style and music.


"Debbie" is not just a pair of boots; it's a tribute to a woman who traded on her looks while discovering who she was, shattering stereotypes along the way. The boots exude something previously associated only with male 'musicians'—a sense of rebellion, confidence, and an unapologetic attitude.

Introducing the "Debbie" – our inaugural mid-heel boot designed for an utterly balanced feel. The heel is 3.5cm high and features a zip in the back, overtaking the legendary muse herself. Designed to capture the essence of sophistication, inspired by her. This new style encapsulates the very essence of the legendary muse herself.


"Debbie" offers two distinct variations, each showcasing timeless Parisian Garçonne elegance. With a velvety surface effect, these supple Italian leathers are gently sanded to provide a soft palette of tones. Mink, Thunder Blue, Albatre for the Nubuck version, and Black for the Nappa version are inspired by different attitudes.

Capturing Harry's essence perfectly, these boots are a statement piece. From distressed denim to tailored pants, discover how their sharp lines and smooth corners exude Garçonne elegance. Each pair of "Debbie" boots is more than footwear; it's a phenomenon that allows you to discover who you are and embrace a style that transcends conventional boundaries.