Carmen Montero Mundt | Baudoin & Lange

Carmen Montero Mundt | Baudoin & Lange

From morning rituals to walks in the park, Carmen's personal experience in London.

Carmen Montero Mundt (Carmen for friends) is a Finance professional that embodies the spirit of a modern woman. She has made London her home for a while. Despite her love for British style, she mixes elements of her Mediterranean Culture with the rhythm of the city. 

As the concept of modern nomad states, Carmen travels between London and Montecarlo quite often, although the Balearic Islands are also one of her favourite destinations. There is a continuous desire for exploration in her eyes! 

Despite the hustle and bustle of London life, Carmen also enjoys quiet moments of solitude. A slot of time reflecting about personal learnings, and dreams yet to be realised. Summer is a good period to engage in past memories, especially walking around St. James’ Park. 

Morning rituals are dedicated practices that hold the potential to transform our daily lives. Like rays of sunlight breaking through a darkened sky, these rituals have the potential to illuminate our lives, and comfort us. In a journey to uncover its benefits, she introduces us to some of her favourite rituals throughout the day.

Morning rituals. As the world awakens with the gentle caress of dawn, morning rituals offer a way to reclaim control over the day. To help create a calm and centred mindset, she takes a few moments each morning to cultivate a sense of presence and stillness; increasing mental clarity and focus. Taking the time to pause and savour a cup of coffee or tea, adds an extra layer of intention to the morning ritual.

Rituals for the Mind. A calm mind is the foundation for a productive day. From breathwork to visualisation techniques, these rituals enable us to ground ourselves, allowing thoughts to settle and creativity to flourish.

Work/personal life balance ritual. Nevertheless, maintaining a balanced professional and personal life is the most important ritual for Carmen. A mix of personal growth, self-care and timeless memories with her loved ones.

Carmen has a desire to make a positive impact, whether through sustainable business practices or social entrepreneurship, her nomadic lifestyle enables her to explore and engage with diverse communities, making a positive change wherever she walks.