Sagan Classic

Sagan Classic

Sagan Classic Loafers 55 Results
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Sagan Classic Loafers 55 Results


The iconic Sagan in its purest form, with a low vamp apron for a modern and versatile look. A clean, elegant silhouette inspired by top drawer bespoke shoemaking.


A best-selling staple for the sartorially minded, adepts of timeless style. Hailed for its subtly hand-rolled adornment.

Limited Editions

Specially designed collection pieces. Derived from rare materials and endowed with high craftsmanship these highly anticipated Sagans come in limited supply.


The ideal companion to jet in and out of meetings for the boardroom regulars. Suited to match a range of classical tailoring, a staple Sagan with a touch of american grandeur owed to its stitched penny strap.

Precious Leathers

The highest expression of our Sagan line, a perfect companion for the discerning, and discernible few. Crafted from the most precious leathers available on the market.


A timeless every-day Sagan, ideal for that weekend getaway or a nonchalant stroll around the park. Understated casual elegance at its essence.

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