Handcrafted, timeless elegance.


Purveyors of the most comfortable footwear in England, handmade in our ateliers.

Now open at Burlington Arcade.



The best Belgian-style loafers I have ever worn.

Simon Crompton — Permanent Style

British Belgian loafer manufacturer Baudoin & Lange is single-handedly changing the summer footwear game.

GQ Magazine

These are a labour of love, and one your feet will thank you for.

The Rake Magazine

Baudoin & Lange are the Rolls-Royce of Belgian loafers in terms of comfort and style.

The Telegraph

Never have I worn a pair of shoes that balance intricate sophistication and nonchalant discretion so harmoniously. Nothing compares.

Miles Fisher, Los Angeles, USA

The Sagans are easily the best Belgian loafers I have ever worn. The leather, the beautiful shape, the comfort as well as the craftsmanship all scream quality and luxury.

Christopher Culler, Lyon, France

A truly authentic embodiment of quality and craftsmanship.  

The Rake

Craftsmanship, handed down from one generation of makers to the next.


So comfortable you will never want to take them off, so versatile you won’t have to.

Cushioned and supportive, for every occasion.

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Fit for a modern lifestyle. Lasting comfort, day in, night out.

Precious exotics. The rarest leathers in fine shoemaking.

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Focus, simplify, repeat.

“It seems perfection is attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away."

Antoine de Saint Exupéry - Wind, Sand and Stars.

The mystery behind the three golden dots.

A sign of recognition for those in the know.

Sagan: The CONCEPT

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