Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

Meet the founders

Baudoin & Lange is solely devoted to creating the best category-defining products in our continuous pursuit for one’s ultimate luxury: comfort.

Drawing on diverse influences from worlds of art, culture, tech, engineering, sport and luxury, we are committed to innovating and reinventing the highest standards of traditional sartorial handcraft in our mission to make the most comfortable footwear possible.

The Baudoin & Lange History

The Baudoin & Lange History

Baudoin & Lange reflects the entrepreneurial and young spirit of its Founders.

Since its inception in 2016, Baudoin & Lange has quickly gained global recognition amongst fashion designers, celebrities, artists and tastemakers internationally.

Our category-defining ‘Sagan’ loafers have been a major hit worldwide and continues to grow its cult-following.

By working directly with our own artisans and trusted suppliers, Baudoin & Lange select and source the very best leathers and suedes from different parts of Europe, tapping into the craftsmanship and materials for which that country is renowned for to produce sustainably with minimum wastage.

Knowledge is handed down from one generation of shoemaker to the next to continuously create forward-thinking new collections. Combining bespoke technical creativity with years of advanced research and the commitment to constantly innovate with time, Baudoin & Lange have achieved a new meaning of comfort - that of a confident globetrotter who encapsulates style and sophistication in everything they do.

Whilst operating out of the London, Baudoin & Lange boasts a style oozing from a Parisian aesthetic, and maintains a European sensibility to all of its products.

A new generation of high craftsmanship.

Allan Baudoin


Allan Baudoin

Growing up in Paris, Allan spent his childhood in the intellectual heart of Paris surrounded by art and immersed in ‘Rive-Gauche’ aesthetics. As a teenager, he jumped at every chance to explore the renowned Savile Row while visiting the UK.

After moving to London to study computer science, he began his creative career at Apple working with Steve Jobs in function. In a radical change in life, a serendipitous encounter with a retired shoemaker, was the catalyst for Allan’s decision to reinvent himself and devote himself to the art of bespoke shoemaking.

A decade ago, Allan embarked upon the journey of an artisan, travelling from Florence to Istanbul and Paris to meet with artisans, learning the trade and honing his craft as a bespoke maker. The rigor and precision of his scientific training plays a vital role in Allan’s ability to design and understand the perfect-fit shoe, exploring the world of bespoke shoemakers and his network of highly-qualified artisans, craftsmen and suppliers.

Founded in heritage. Elevated by innovation.

Bo Van Langeveld


Bo Van Langeveld

Bo spent much of his youth on the racing tracks as an international racing driver, surrounded by the sound of high-speed car engines.

After studying all over the world, it was in October 2015, that he came to a sudden, and ultimately life-defining, realization. He observed that copious men and women in corporate senior positions removed their shoes after office hours in preparation for the daily commute, as no formal shoes were comfortable enough to wear all-day. Bo marveled at the level of discomfort his co-workers were experiencing and the lack of any solutions, which led Bo to approach newly turned bespoke shoemaker, Allan Baudoin.

After a single afternoon at Allan’s atelier, both shared the same determination and vision to set out to create the first and most comfortable dress-shoes, to be championed for both style and comfort. Following a meticulous, scientific process of iterations and structural improvements, Allan and Bo eventually developed a product that questioned the status quo of dress shoes.

In 2021, Bo was included in Forbes 30 under 30 as a result of Baudoin & Lange taking the luxury shoe industry by storm since its arrival.

Handmade in traditional craft. Engineered for modern lifestyles.