Taking Care of Your Sagans.

All of our shoes are best taken care of when stored on our signature wooden shoe trees. However our unlined, suede Sagans are much more forgiving if a shoe tree is not available, as is the case when travelling. Unlined loafers can be folded and will immediately spring back into shape post travel, always keeping their original shape and fit. 

When you decide to use shoe tree – as you always should in the case of a regular lined pair – the soft suede leather will be extremely malleable. So, if you prefer a wider fit, your Sagans can be stretched by using just a slightly bigger shoe tree.

Taking care of your suede Sagans is very simple. All you need is a stiff-bristled brush and a suede eraser (or regular eraser) for deeper stains.

Most types of everyday wear can be remedied with a stiff-bristled brush.  Move the brush gently over the suede to clean (always let the shoe dry first).  Any stain or dirt on the tiny suede fibers is loosened and eventually released.

Remember to brush the surface in opposite directions. Just take care to use only a slight amount of pressure.