Materials & Care - Noble Calf


To combine the sophisticated look of traditional box calf with a surprising degree of softness we have sourced a special breed of calf from the hills of Central Europe. Its leather has a very tight, resistant fibre and yet is very supple compared to calf leather traditionally used on formal Sagans. The leather is pure aniline dyed so that the base colour penetrates deeply into the fibres of the leather leaving the top surface uncoated, breathable and ready to be finished by the shoemaker with his choice of waxes.


After any use always allow the Sagans to dry at room temperature, away from any direct heat source. If your Sagans have got wet you may roll-up some paper and insert it inside the Sagans.

If you have dirt or mud on your Sagans, make sure they are completely dry before gently brushing it off with a soft brush or cloth.