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Men's Loafers & Boots

Men's Loafers & Boots

Designed for a modern lifestyle. Classic loafers, modern trainers and boots. Our collection of men's shoes is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and the finest materials. 

Men's Loafers & Boots 54 Results
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Men's Loafers & Boots 54 Results

Mens Slip-on Trainers, the BEAT

The BEAT, our new slip-on trainer for men is fully sustainable. Crafted with top-quality bespoke suede and full-grain calf leather. Hidden elastics, fully biodegradable sole, guaranteed perfect fit.

Sagan Stride Men's Loafers

A modern icon of elegance, our Stride loafers are handcrafted in refined suedes and soft leathers. Unparalleled comfort, fitted with shock-absorbing rubber soles, designed for a fully active life. From boardroom to leisure.

Men's Rover Boots

Meet the Rover, our Chelsea boots built around an active rubber sole, unparalleled comfort, modern elegance handcrafted in bespoke Glove suede, designed for mobility and versatility, wherever life takes you.

The Sagan Classic

Icons of timeless elegance, our Sagan Classic loafers are handcrafted in soft-handle, unlined Asteria suede, for effortless, comfortable style. Perfect for all-day wear, without break-in.

Sagan Classic Men's Tassel Loafers

Enduringly stylish and sleek, our men's tassel loafers are designed to adapt to your foot. Comfortable for any occasion with these timeless all-rounders, hailed for their distinctive hand-rolled tassels.

Men's Buckle Loafers

Our buckle loafers offer a distinctive look. Designed with sartorial dressing in mind, this limited collection of men's buckle embellished loafers are some of our most unique and distinguished styles.

Men's Sagan Loafers

Discover our Lined Loafers, the ultimate comfort shoes for men that provide the perfect blend of style and practicality. Handcrafted to perfection using our signature craftsmanship techniques and lined with soft nappa leather for unparalleled comfort. Each pair is made with the finest quality leather sourced from the most reputable tanneries in Tuscany, Italy. 

Men's Ivy Loafers

A masterpiece of practical elegance, our Ivy loafers are a double full length layer rubber sole. Handcrafted in special water-resistant suede leathers, anti-slip rubber soles. Perfect for all weather conditions.

Grand Men's Loafers

Ultimate comfort straight out of the box. Our Sagan Grand loafers are expertly handcrafted in fine calf leather and suedes. Revolutionary 'bridge lining'. Timeless style, from the boardroom to the movies.

Grand Men's Tassel Loafers

Meticulously crafted and refined in their appearance, our men's tassel loafers offer unrivalled design and comfort. As well as bringing elegance to every occasion.

The Grand Collection - Boots

Discover the artistry of our skilled artisans and refined designs of our Grand Collection boots. From the slip-on Hopper boot with hidden elastic to the sleek Hicks Chelsea boot and contemporary Watts Jodhpur boot, each is handcrafted with premium noble calf and shield suede leather. Our boots seamlessly blend tradition and modernity, with unique details and engineered elastic for ultimate comfort and style.

Men's Black Tie Loafers

Crafted for special moments, our Tapis Rouge loafer is designed with comfort in mind, cushioned sole, red nappa lambskin leather lining. Signature Black Tie loafers, epitome of sophistication and style.

Sagan Precious Leathers

The highest expression of our Sagan line, crafted from the most precious leathers in the world, reserved for the most discerning of wearers.

Sagan Apron Precious Leather Loafers

The highest expression of our Sagan line, crafted from the most precious leathers in the world, reserved for the most discerning of wearers.

Men's Sagan Lune Slippers

Supreme comfort at home, our Sagan Lune House Slippers are crafted in fine Asteria suede or deerskin, soft slip-resistant leather. Designed with our unique signature Lunairmed® insole, enabled cushioning and breathability.

Men's Sagan Limited Edition Loafers

Exclusively designed collection pieces in rare materials and small batch styles, these highly anticipated Sagans come in limited supply. Perfect for that special occasion.

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