Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole

Stride Loafersin Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole

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Meet the Stride, our revolutionary range of loafers, built around an active rubber sole. Truly unparalleled comfort & the epitome of modern elegance for men. Inspired by nature's strength, discover our array earthy and cold colours.
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Stride Loafers in Dark Brown Suede with Shearling Lining Dark Sole

Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation with our Dark Brown Suede Stride Loafers. Crafted to elevate every step, these loafers seamlessly combine a dynamic rubber sole with the timeless charm of suede, offering unrivaled comfort and an embodiment of modern elegance for today's gentleman.

Expertly handcrafted, these loafers radiate in a rich, dark brown suede that whispers tales of sophistication. Treated for added durability, the suede is complemented by the indulgent embrace of our plush shearling lining. They offer a foot environment that merges natural breathability with unparalleled warmth.

Every detail is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Designed and brought to life by our dedicated in-house artisans, these loafers showcase our signature hand folded & stitched leather binding & piping, reflecting the pinnacle of craftsmanship in every curve and contour.

Bearing our distinctive B&L® sole construction, the Stride loafer comes equipped with a unique active sole made from shock-absorbent rubber, further adorned with our engraved B&L hallmarks. Married to the rich tones of taupe leathers, its inherent comfort ensures you're well-prepared for the ebbs and flows of a modern, active life.

A quintessential addition for those colder months, these loafers transition effortlessly from daytime engagements to evening soirees. The deep brown suede complements a plethora of outfits, and with the added assurance of the rubber sole bolstered by shearling, every step echoes luxury and warmth.

Dark Brown
Dark BrownDeep Taupe
Sizing Info


メンズ サイズガイド

イタリア/ヨーロッパ 英国 アメリカ 日本
38 4-4.5 5-5.5 24
39 5-5.5 6-6.5 24.5
40 6-6.5 7-7.5 25.5
41 7-7.5 8-8.5 26
42 8-8.5 9-9.5 26.5
43 9-9.5 10-10.5 27
44 10-10.5 11-11.5 28
45 11-11.5 12-12.5 28.5
46 12-12.5 13-13.5 29






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ボードイン & ランジのローファーシリーズは これまでにない手袋のようなフィット感を追求するためハンドラスティングし、手作業で伸ばしています。カシミアのように柔らかいスエードと組み合わせることで伸縮し、自分だけのオリジナルの形に成形されます。足幅のサイズやハーフサイズを選ぶ必要はありません。すべてにおいてシンプルな提案!

ボードイン&ランジのローファーが最適にフィットするとは、 ぴったりでありながら窮屈ではないということ。

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Materials & Care
Materials & Care

Upper : Calf Suede
Lining : Shearling Fur
Leather Insoles : Leather, cork and perforated Nora
Sole : Rubber

Glove Suede

This suede is made using calf leather which is specially selected and developed by an Italian tannery in Tuscany. It undergoes a secret tanning technique which gives it a unique velvety sheen and sophisticated look. This suede wears remarkably well and will withstand also rain provided you follow our care guidelines.


After any use always allow the shoes to dry at room temperature, away from any direct heat source. If your shoes have got wet you may roll-up some paper and insert it inside the shoes. If you have dirt or mud on your suede shoes, make sure they are completely dry before gently brushing it off with a rubber brush for suede or with a hard bristle brush being careful to brush only in one direction from the back of the shoe towards the tip.


Shipping Information
Shipping Information


Try them on, worry-free. If you are not perfectly satisfied with your shoes, return or exchange them within 28 days, no questions asked. All products are shipped with trackable DHL & UPS Express shipping services.

Do I have to pay Import Duty and Taxes?

We ship from our atelier in the UK but we cover duties and taxes in Europe so that you don't have to pay any additional charges when your order arrives.

Order before 3pm GMT for same day dispatch. Any orders made after this point will be dispatched the next working day.

Shipping Times



Delivery Time


Same Day


Next Day


1-2 Days

USA & Canada

1-2 Days


3 Days

China, Japan & South Korea

2 Days


2 Days

Rest of the World

2-5 Days

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an automated email with the relevant tracking details.  


Return & Exchange
Return & Exchange


商品の受け取りから28日以内のサイズ交換または返品については、contact @ baudoinlange.comまでお問い合わせください。その後、交換または返品先をご案内し、異なるサイズの商品を発送、または払い戻し手続きを行います。

交換または返品の対象となるには、商品を受け取ってから28日以内に元の梱包材と一緒に、届いた時と同じ未使用の状態で(傷のないように柔らかい表面の上で靴をお試しください)返品していただく必要があります。これらの条件を満たさない場合、申し訳ありませんがボードイン アンド ランジは交換または返金をお受けかねます。



ご注意ください プレシャスレザーや特注、リミテッドエディションなどに該当するカテゴリー 、およびカスタマイズ/パーソナライズされたアイテムは、交換または返品の対象外となり、購入された時点でお取引が終了したとみなされます。

Payment Options
Payment Options





Embrace the Comfort: For Everyday Living & Luxurious Exploring

Simpler. Cleaner. Warmer.

Embrace the Comfort: For Everyday Living & Luxurious Exploring

A loafer elevated with a shearling embrace, featuring an active sole crafted from sturdy, ever-wearing rubber. Experience the tactile warmth of our Sagan Stride with Shearling Lining, where every step becomes a cozy journey.

Discover our Hallmarks

Our symbols

Discover our Hallmarks

For centuries, jewellers and goldsmiths marked objects with their initials to certify the provenance of quality and purity.

To preserve a unique sense of artistry, our hallmarks have been embossed in the sole of this design. The hand signifies humanity; the tool of the artisan that reaches up for the sky to achieve higher states. The key signifies the solution; the answer to a more comfortable and balanced life.