Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf

Sagan Buckle Racingin Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf

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Dive into the world of British racing nostalgia with our Sagan Buckle Loafer in British Racing Green, a limited edition crafted in collaboration with Carmen Montero Mundt. Experience unparalleled luxury and design, curated from superior Luxe suede with a distinct tan Calfskin accent.
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Sagan Buckle Racing in Green Luxe Suede and Tan Soft Calf

We're thrilled to present the Sagan Buckle Loafer, a handcrafted testament to Carmen Montero Mundt's passion for racing and British heritage. Born from a unique collaboration with Carmen, this limited edition loafer encapsulates the allure of mid-century British racing sports.

Every Sagan Buckle Loafer stands as an emblem of our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. The choice of rich Luxe suede for its exterior echoes the timeless elegance of British Racing Green. Accentuated by a tan Calfskin stripe and complemented by a distinguished golden buckle, it's a reflection of racing cars' sophistication during their prime. Prioritizing both comfort and design, these loafers boast a unique socking feature—padded and stitched to mirror the luxurious sports car seats that Carmen cherishes. Inside, you'll find our signature breathable lining, ensuring every step is wrapped in comfort. It's not just a loafer; it's a step into Carmen's world of luxury and nostalgia.

The Sagan Buckle Loafer is a versatile masterpiece. Designed keeping Carmen's vibrant lifestyle in mind, these loafers seamlessly transition from a day at the races to an elegant evening soirée, ensuring you radiate sophistication at every turn.

Immerse yourself in the refined luxury of the Sagan Buckle Loafer—a harmonious blend of history, elegance, and comfort. Experience this limited edition that not only celebrates Carmen Montero Mundt's inspirational journey but also embodies our unwavering dedication to premium quality.

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