Materials & Care - Crocodile & Suede

We take pride in our commitment to our full ethical sourcing, sourcing all our crocodile skins from Europe with full provenance. Our skilled craftsmen carefully select only the most precious central parts of the skins to craft our crocodile shoes, minimising splits and stitching to preserve the leather's integrity. Each crocodile skin undergoes meticulous hand-colouring and polishing by our artisans, resulting in a uniquely vibrant, full-coloured appearance that enhances the beauty of our shoes.

Asteria Suede
Our very own Asteria suede has been specifically developed to have a suede leather to make quality shoes that does not require a second layer of lining, that naturally stretches to adapt to the wearer and to show a luxurious velvety nap that is also uniquely pleasant to touch. For this we use only a prime selection of Mediterranean lambs that are slowly tanned by an artisanal family run tannery.

Apron Upper : 100% Crocodile leather
Side Upper: 100% Asteria Suede
Lining : 100% Calf leather
Leather Insoles : 100% Calf leather
Sole : 100% leather

After any use always allow the Sagans to dry at room temperature, away from any direct heat source. If your Sagans have got wet you may roll-up some paper and insert it inside the Sagans.
Our Limited Edition and Precious Leather Sagans are not eligible for exchange or returns.