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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Jamie Ferguson - London.

Jamie Ferguson - London.

"I was shooting for about a week in Tokyo and the shoes are truly as comfortable as they say they are. Worn these shoes every single day for a week.. The leather is so soft while also standing up to being worn all day and trudging around the streets. Highly recommend."
HD Moon – Seoul.

HD Moon – Seoul.

"Truly my favourite loafers ever. Firstly, I’m a big fan of the style of the loafers. Simplicity matched with true sophistication and craftsmanship. Class-A service combined with wonderful shoes, I’m a fan!"
Miles Fisher – Los Angeles.

Miles Fisher – Los Angeles.

"Never have I worn a pair of shoes that balance intricate sophistication and nonchalant discretion so harmoniously. Nothing compares. Baudoin & Lange makes my favourite loafers."

James S.

Most comfortable pair of loafers I've ever had, with excellent customer service

Eizaveta C.

Literally the best shoes I ever wore. They feel like clouds around your feet. Comfortable, soft, true to size, stylish, goes with anything: simply stunning.

Patrick SC.

Great craftsmanship! Amazing customer service!

Dan L.

For a relative newcomer to the shoe industry, Baudoin & Lange shoes are expertly crafted, super comfortable and more importantly, look fantastic!

Yushi T.

The most beautiful comfortable loafers I ever wore.

Lei L.

Coming across B&L loafer is like a serendipity - words can't describe its comfort. Simply impressive.

Jose E.

By far the most comfortable shoes I have ever purchased. I was shocked to realize that my Sagans took no time to break in.

Munish P.

They are the most comfortable loafers! I could sleep in them. Thanks Baudoin & Lange!

Laurie B.

The Sagans from Baudoin & Lange are my go-to shoe for almost all occasions - elevating even jeans to sartorial elegance.

Ken J.

Best loafers ever. So stylish and classy. Gentlemen, you definitely need to purchase some and to add these to your collection.

Ricardo C.

I have honestly never experienced the level of customer service that Baudoin & Lange provided me with.

Ryando A.

Worth a trip to see the range of Baudoin & Lange loafers as well as the friendly and helpful service!

Jackson B.

I love my Sagan shoes, so comfortable, elegant and beautifully made

Stefan K.

Beautiful sagan loafers - outstanding quality and lovely craftsmanship. Probably the most stylish and versatile pair on my shoe rack.

Arjun K.

I love the loafers. They look great and as always the quality is top notch!

Orion S.

Most comfortable loafers I’ve ever owned!

Louis L.

Really love my sagans! Got a pair the same colour as my motorcycle.

Billy L.

Very versatile shoe to wear in many occasions.

Vinny Y.

Most comfortable shoes I have bought.

Thomas C.

I'm very pleased with my Sagan loafers in indigo, they are very comfortable and perfect for wearing in my office.

Sandeep V.

Have always been a big fan of unlined loafters and these are just unbeatable in comfort and quality.

Iqbal A.

I have never had such agreeable shoes. They fit perfectly, are light on the feet and look elegant all day long.

Simon P.

They are so comfortable from the first wear, unlike other shoes that need to be broken in.

Dominic V.

One of the most comfortable loafers you can get in the market!

Joel L.

I just received my custom brown suede Sagans and the workmanship is amazing. To me the level of comfort and quality is better than brands like Tods and Carshoe.

Vanessa S.

It is hard to find such beautifully made shoes which are also comfortable to wear, but Baudoin & Lange have made it happen!

Louis O.

I have four pairs of these marvelous shoes. They stand the test of time, and look really great in my denims.

Florent G.

Really love the material. True craftsmanship. Also appreciated the kind customer service from the team at B&L.

Nivi A.

Incredibly comfortable suede shoes, and they look so great.

Pamela L.

Beautiful loafers and incredibly comfortable.

Maurits O.

Comfortable shoes & good service

Steven B.

They are a perfect fit and very comfortable. They most certainly will not be the only pair I will order from you.

Grace D.

I came to your showroom yesterday and I got pair of grey loafers. After wearing it for a whole day, I’m loving it so much!

Ernest I.

The shoes arrived today - they're incredibly comfortable. Many thanks for the easy purchase.

Mathieu P.

I’ve received my 1st pair and they are perfect!

Dan G.

Received them today. They’re fantastic!!

"Feet Heaven"

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