Our Latest collaboration with chef Aleixandre Sarrion

Discover the elegance of simplicity with Baudoin & Lange's latest collaboration with Michelin-starred experience chef Aleixandre Sarrion.

A journey where craftsmanship meets culinary art, and less becomes more.

Perfection starts with choice.

Aleixandre selects pristine ingredients as Allan Baudoin chooses premium materials. Simplicity begins here.

Our paths align in the art of subtraction. Echoing Picasso, "Simplicity took a lifetime to master." In our creations, less speaks volumes.

This collaboration celebrates the power of minimalism. Experience sophistication through simplicity in every stitch, every flavour.

Watch the full interview

Watch the exclusive interview with Allan Baudoin and chef Aleixandre Sarrion and see how simplicity and excellence intertwine in our work.

A Curation of Elegance

Aleixandre's favourite

A Curation of Elegance

Explore the favourite footwear of Michelin-starred chef Aleixandre Sarrion. Each pair showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and elegant simplicity that resonate with his personal style. Dive into this specially curated collection and step into sophistication.

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