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Women's Loafers & Boots

Style and elegance come together in the Baudoin & Lange Women's loafer collection. Showcasing an iconic range of handmade loafers & boots for women, our shoes are expertly handcrafted.

Women's Loafers & Boots 36 Results
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Women's Loafers & Boots 36 Results

Garcon Joan Boots

A re-invention of a classic. A character of their own. Pull-up, women's Chelsea boots that transpire style and exude conviction.

Sagan Stride Loafers

Our Sagan Stride Loafer is the height of modern chic. With its laidback silhouette and elegant form, this modern loafer has been designed for an active lifestyle.

Sagan Classic Loafers

The Women's Sagan Classic Loafer - the ultimate suede loafer created for a contemporary woman, a shoe crafted from the softest materials and designed for unparalleled comfort and style. Available in bow, string and plain styles.

Women's Tassel Loafers

Exclusively designed collection of leather loafers for women. Rare materials and small batch styles make these highly anticipated tassel loafers high in demand. Masterfully crafted for optimum comfort and luxury for any special occasion.

Women's String Loafers

A timeless womens loafer to take you from workday through to weekend, capturing the essence of casual understated elegance.

Garcon Ruth Loafers

Chic, smart and stylish women's loafers. Ginkgo penny calf loafers - setting the tone and owning the voice. A persona of their own.

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