Cedar Green Suede Loafers Green Suede Tassel Loafers Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers in Cedar Green Suede Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers in Cedar Green Suede Sagan Classic Tassel Loafers in Cedar Green Suede

Sagan Classic Tassel Loafersin Cedar Green Suede

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Sophisticated, beautifully crafted and supremely comfortable, the Mens Classic Tassel Loafer is the first and most iconic style of Baudoin & Lange.

Comfortable straight out of the box, these fully unlined loafers feature our renowed creamy soft and supplest bespoke Asteria suede leathers in a dark Cedar Green, moulding perfectly to the unique to profile of your feet.

With its proprietary B&L® sole construction, the Sagan Loafer is padded for an all-day cushioned walk. Each Sagan Loafer is entirely handmade in our Atelier de Manufacture, following a bespoke and meticulous methodology involving hundreds of time-honoured steps.

Each pair of loafers is signed by our recognisable hand-struck 3 golden dots: the mark of its maker.

These dark green tasseled loafers are equally complementary worn with linen trousers or crisp Japanese denim. These Sagans fare particularly well in warm climate - making them indispensable for weekend trips to Europe in high season.


Our very own Asteria suede has been specifically developed to have a suede leather to make quality shoes that does not require a second layer of lining, that naturally stretches to adapt to the wearer and to show a luxurious velvety nap. We use only a prime selection of Mediterranean lambs that are slowly tanned by an artisanal family run tannery.

A slow tannage that uses traditional ingredients and no aggressive chemicals allowing the skins to dry naturally is the secret to the unique properties of this suede. Our Asteria suede is made on the reverse of a full grain skin so that on the inside of our shoes we can directly show the natural full grain side without having to stiffen the shoe by adding a layer of lining leather.


After use always allow the shoes to dry at room temperature, away from direct heat. If your shoes have got wet, you may roll-up some paper and insert it inside the shoes. If you have dirt or mud on your suede shoes, make sure they are completely dry before brushing with suede brush.

Try them on, worry-free. If you are not perfectly satisfied with your shoes, return or exchange them within 28 days, no questions asked. All products are shipped with trackable UPS and DHL Express shipping services.

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A Staple for the Sartorially Minded


A Staple for the Sartorially Minded

A must-have in every Sagan collection, hailed for its subtly hand-rolled adornment.

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Discover our Signature

What you see here is not our logo, but the mark of a maker, a tactile sign of recognition of the values that bind us together.