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Wedding Loafers Mens

Men's Wedding Loafers

特別な日に、足元を美しく演出してくれるウェディングローファー。スエードカーフ または プレシャスアッパーレザー の中から、あなたにぴったりの一足をお選びください。

Men's Wedding Loafers 22 Results
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  • Deerskin
  • Leathers Crest
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Men's Wedding Loafers 22 Results

The Big Day

Men, immerse yourselves in the beauty of our midnight navy velvet, obsidian black, or black patent loafer - each of which is fit for the aisle.

Momentous occasions call for a contemporary classic. Our traditional, handmade loafers are reassuringly refined and carefully crafted as a homage to the heritage behind our brand. Specifically designed for taking bold steps on what will be an unforgettable day. Find perfection in our Sagan Classic Loafer Collection.

Wedding Guest

Timeless and traditional loafers innovated with suaveness in mind. Choose a luxury loafer which complements your companions but differentiates you through a distinguished choice of style, colour and finish. 

Obtain optimal comfort and style from our Sagan Classic range. Select from varying shades of suede and choose to tassel or not to tassel.


Crafted for comfort and seamlessly stylish in any number of settings, our innovative loafers are the ideal accompaniment to a romantic getaway - no matter where the destination. Effortlessly adaptable to any scenario, our honeymoon loafers epitomise contemporary comfort. Ease yourself into a Sagan Stride Loafer.

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