Sagan Classic String

Sagan Classic String in Oak Brown Suede


Designed in a classic Oak Brown, these Sagan suede loafers make a timeless staple to have on rotation. Handcrafted using soft Asteria suede, they are designed for exceptional comfort. The loafers are unlined and hand-stretched to adapt to your foot’s shape.

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Baudoin & Lange Sagans mould to the shape of your foot, so we recommend you select your normal shoe size for a snug, comfortable fit. Because of our unlined designs, there’s no need for half sizes or varied widths - the shoe structure will stretch to accommodate wide or narrow feet. Our no wear-in period means an accurate fitting shoe from the start.

Men's Size Guide

38 4-4.5 5-5.5
39 5-5.5 6-6.5
40 6-6.5 7-7.5
41 7-7.5 8-8.5
42 8-8.5 9-9.5
43 9-9.5 10-10.5
44 10-10.5 11-11.5
45 11-11.5 12-12.5
46 12-12.5 13-13.5

Women's Size Guide

34 1-1.5 3.5-4
35 2-2.5 4.5-5
36 3-3.5 5.5-6
37 4-4.5 6.5-7
38 5-5.5 7.5-8
39 6-6.5 8.5-9
40 7-7.5 9.5-10
41 8-8.5 10.5-11

True to Size

Simply pick your most common shoe size

No Wear-In Period

Ultimate comfort from the start

Moulds to Your Feet

Our cashmere-soft suedes and leathers mould to your feet, for ever increasing comfort
Photo of loafer having no break in period

Fits like a glove

Our loafers are hand-lasted and stretched for a unique glove-like fit. Combined with our cashmere-soft suede, which stretches and moulds towards the unique shape, there is no need for different widths or half sizes. Makes it easier for both you and us!

A perfect fit for our loafers is one that is snug yet unconstrained.

Photo of foot width

Accommodating a wide range of widths

Unlined shoe structure allows the shoe to stretch and shape towards your feet, giving just the right amount of stretch to accommodate everything for a narrow last to extra wide lasts.
Photo of tape measure

Supporting both low and high insteps

Cork and memory foam are malleable as to provide a perfect instep for both a low- and high-arch, and everything in between. 
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Add a rubber shoe grip

Would you like to add a rubber shoe grip to the sole of your shoe, for added comfort and durability?

Designed in a classic Oak Brown, these Sagan suede loafers make a timeless staple to have on rotation. Handcrafted using soft Asteria suede, they are designed for exceptional comfort. The loafers are unlined and hand-stretched to adapt to your foot’s shape.

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Wear at the office and then to dinner - and don’t forget to pack for travelling.

Materials & Care expand_more expand_less

Our very own Asteria suede has been specifically developed to have a suede leather to make quality Sagans that does not require a second layer of lining, that naturally stretches to adapt to the wearer and to show a luxurious velvety nap that is also uniquely pleasant to touch. For this we use only a prime selection of Mediterranean goats that are slowly tanned by an artisanal family run tannery in Cyprus. A slow tannage that uses traditional ingredients and no aggressive chemicals and that allows the skins to take their time and dry naturally is the secret to the unique properties of this suede.  Our Asteria suede is made on the reverse of a full grain skin so that on the inside of our Sagans we can directly show the natural full grain side without having to stiffen the shoe by adding a layer of lining leather.


After any use always allow the Sagans to dry at room temperature, away from any direct heat source. If your Sagans have got wet you may roll-up some paper and insert it inside the Sagans.

If you have dirt or mud on your suede Sagans, make sure they are completely dry before gently brushing it off with a rubber brush for suede or with a hard bristle brush being careful to brush only in one direction from the back of the shoe towards the tip.

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Try them on, worry-free. If you are not perfectly satisfied with your shoes, return or exchange them within 28 days, no questions asked. All products are shipped with trackable UPS and DHL Express shipping services.

All Worldwide shipping is on us. 

The only shoes you will ever want to wear. We promise.

Understated casual elegance at its essence.

A timeless every-day Sagan, ideal for that weekend getaway or a nonchalant stroll around the park

Craftmanship handed down from one generation to the next.

Unlined, stretchy uppers
Our signature unlined uppers adapt to your feet’s anatomy, achieving a perfect bespoke-like fit for all widths and removing the need for half sizes.
Softer than soft.
Our proprietary, Asteria lambskin and deerskin suedes are tanned exclusively for us, renowned for their buttery-soft touch, enveloping gently for a perfect fit.
Walking above the clouds.
A Baudoin & Lange invention, exclusive to all Sagans - our proprietary insoles, crafted from breathable cork and padded perforated foam, absorb shocks for ultimate comfort.
The perfect go-to, get away shoes.
Foldable, the perfect travel companion for that unplanned get away.

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